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  • New Year´s 2016 Retreat

    New Year´s 2016 Retreat

    Busy with everything around us, there are many impulses and incentives that assail us every day, so we need to stop and dive into ourselves. Another year passes, it’s time to make a retrospective, introspection and review of all the events that have transformed us. The New Year’s Retreat of Yoga and …
  • International Spiritual Warrior Camp

    International Spiritual Warrior Camp

    Besides a lot of heat and work (with participation in summer festivals “Be-In” and “Andanças“) this summer left space for the realization of the International Spiritual Warrior Camp (ISWC) in Ananda Kalyani Master Unit. “Rites of Transition” was the theme of this edition, which had the guidance and organization of …
  • Lessons of Guitar & Kiirtan

    Lessons of Guitar & Kiirtan

    The lessons of “Guitar & Kiirtan” are directed to those who want to learn or improve to play guitar combined with theme of Kiirtan and mantras. It was this Wednesday (at 19 o’clock), the 2nd guitar class at the Yoga Center! We already have a group full of willingness to …
  • Ananda Kalyani´s new warriors

    Ananda Kalyani´s new warriors

    Transformation of special beings in Master Unit Ananda Kalyani! It took place on the last weekend of May to 3th edition of Spiritual Warrior Camp. Had the support team of the Master Unit led by Dada D. and Dada T. (coming from Madrid) for this very special task. All of them were tireless …
  • Ananda Kalyani´s  Open Day – June/15

    Ananda Kalyani´s Open Day – June/15

    This open day was inserted into the Global Sharing Week an initiative of our partner The People Who Share – Portugal. Morning came with a lot of rain that came brighten the colors and aromas spread in a very special way, all the wild vegetation in MasterUnit Ananda Kalyani, that inspired us for this …

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Spring Retreat in Sintra (Lisbon) – 24th March

24 March 2016 – 29 March 2016

This year’s Spring Retreat – The Bloom of Lotus – will be held in Sintra, Lisboa. Our team will be present there also helping and participating in the activities. Join us for a lot of fun & inspiration!

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